Anonymous asked: hey, how long does it take to become a doc in the US? I mean, here in Brazil you spend 3 years in high school, then you go to college to study medicine for 6 years. After that, you are already a general doctor. But you can go specialize in neuro, cardio, ortho or anything else. :)

In the US you need four years of high school, four years of college, and four years of med school

Anonymous asked: That's true! But even if Callie didn't go to med school right after college, Az is probably older, because when they first met Arizona was already an experient surgeon. The same with Derek and Mer. He's probably a lot older than her. and Mer had a baby with like 40 years?

Yeah Derek is definitely older because Meredith was an intern when he was an attending


I have the sweetest boyfriend. Everything would be great if I wasn’t a lesbian who’s in love with my straight friend!!

an alphabet of Arizona Robbins
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↳ 5x17: I Will Follow You Into the Dark

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