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The woman who did that? 
That was the person I 
was, not the person I am.


"Henry brought me to Storybrooke to bring back the happy endings. My job’s not done until I do that for everyone… Including you."

Anonymous asked: Do you think that's the last season? I hope not! I agree that Grey's lost a lot of its iconic characters and i miss them so much, but they can develop really well a lot of new stories. I really enjoyed 11x01 and the new characters. Nice stuff coming. Some people are so busy complaining about characters that are not coming back that do not realize how good Grey's still can be.. :)

Well season 11 is definitely not the last season. Most of the cast is signed for season 12. There’s a chance season 12 could be the last season but it’s not confirmed yet. I don’t want greys to end either!!